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(I've Never Reached An Answer) I'm Only Given Clues - MASTERPOST

Author: thefooliam
Characters: Santana Lopez/Brittany S. Pierce, Quinn Fabray/Artie Abrams (with Rachel Bery/Finn Hudson, Kurt Hummel/Blaine Anderson, Tina Cohen-Chang/Mike Chang, Sam Evans/Mercedes Jones plus minor others)
Rating: NC-17
Length: N/A
Spoilers: Up to 2x22 "New York"

Summary: Santana and Quinn's hopes of a peaceful and relaxing summer at Santana's grandmother's in Florida are dashed when the rest of New Directions invites themselves to join them. 

Length: 5.5k
"You got room for one more?!"

Part One
Length: 5k
She links their pinkies together and squeezes. For a while, it's enough. 

Part Two
Length:7k (2 parts)
Sometimes, Santana thinks she could defy every law of physics just so she could feel their skin touching. It's the only way she feels alive. 

Part Three
Length: 7k (2 parts)
She doesn't do this, the girl talk crap. This isn't her thing. 

Part Four
Length: 13.7k (3 parts)
There's no greater feeling that the reassurance that her words are completely true. 

Part Five
Length: 9k (2 parts)
She's not doing her job as Quinn's best friend because she can't and they both know that's worse. 

Part Six
Length: 10k (2 parts)
It feels like she's reached the end of the world, and she starts to believe that maybe, if she tries hard enough, she'll find some answers. 

Interlude #1 (Quinn)
Length: 16.5k (4 parts
She finds it at the airport before they leave for New York. 

Part Seven
Length: 15k (3 parts)
It felt like they were growing together.

Part Eight
Length: 16k (2 parts)
Brittany's lips are curling up slightly and all doubt in Santana goes flying out the window. 

Part Nine
Length: 19k (2 parts)
"You know I love you, right?" Brittany shakes her head again and it almost sounds like she's begging Santana to give her something. 

Interlude #2 (Brittany)
22k (3 parts)
The world feels so big. She knows that should feel like a good thing but it doesn't. It reminds her of all the things out there that she'll never have. 

Part Ten
Length:15k (2 parts)
Is this who she is without her? Is this what she'll be? 

Part Eleven
Length: 35k (4 parts)
"I'm just really overwhelmed."

Part Twelve
Length: 18k (2 parts)
She feels like she's going to cry when she asks, "More surprises?"

Interlude #3 (Friends of Santana)
Length: 39k (5 parts)
She's not sure how one is meant to hold Santana Lopez 

Part 13
Length: 43k (5 parts)
"You don't walk away from beautiful things. Not if you can be a part of them."

9k (1 part)
"It's weird, right?"

Tags: fic masterpost, fic: glee, fic: summer!fic, pairing: quinn/artie, pairing: santana/brittany, rating: nc-17
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